Welcome to the
International Technology Olympics!

If you can think it, you can create it.

At NTT DATA FOUNDATION we have designed this FREE programme for children aged 7 to 16 to expand their digital skills in a fun and easy way. Participants will develop their creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, time management, and will create video games, animations, stories, etc., with which they will learn to approach technology as producers, not only as consumers.

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What are the Olympics about?

They are an international programming competition in which participants access an online platform for an education/training phase, culminating in a competition in which they put their acquired knowledge and skills into practice. Participants can progress at their own pace and are supported by a personal trainer who, as in any Olympiad, will help them prepare for the grand final.

Why participate?

  • Because it is the best opportunity to awaken children's interest in programming and technology.

  • Because it will give them skills to be able to use technology as a tool to solve problems.

  • Because they will develop skills so that they can access better academic, employment and professional opportunities in the future.

  • Because they will develop soft skills such as creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, resilience, etc.

  • Because it is based on a pedagogical model that allows taboos to be broken, empowering children to know that if they can think it, they can create it.

Classification and prizes

In these Olympics, the score will be obtained in the form of keys (yes, to open more and more doors along the way) and, with the keys obtained in the challenges proposed throughout the Olympics, the participants will be classified in:

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Makers Category

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Innovators Category

llave blue

ChangeMakers Category

There will be prizes and special awards for the winners of each category and for the best scores in each country.

The registration period is open until 15 April 2024. Hurry up, we have limited capacity!

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Participant registration

Until April, 15th

Platform opening and training process

April, 18th - May, 24th/31st

Preparation of the final challenge

May, 27th - June, 7th

International final and selection of winners

June, 18th

Please write to [email protected] for more information.